Upgrade guide

Upgrading from version 3.1

Since version 3.2 doesn't have any breaking change, you could potentially apply the fixes for the features you would like to have by looking at the changelog

Another option is to start with a fresh install of version 3.2 and then copy your application's unique files from the old app to the new one. Make sure to read the rest of the upgrade guide before you start the upgrade process.

Angular Generators

A lot of work has gone into the generators in this release and luckily upgrading the generators is an easy task.

Start by upgrading your composer.json's laravelangular/generators dependency to 2.4.x and run composer update laravelangular/generators.
If you haven't made any changes to your config/generators.php file, you can delete it and then run php artisan vendor:publish to get the new one. If you have some changes, then you can manually add the new entries with this file.

If you'd like to use the ng:directive generators, you need to go through the changes in this issue.


Version 3.2 Changelog

It is recommended that you carefully read the changelog for version 3.2.0 so you can get to know most of the new features included in version 3.2