Dialogs are a component of Angular Material.

This repository gives you a layer of abstraction on top of Angular Material's dialog service.
The custom DialogService allows you to easily open an alert and a confirm using pre-defined defaults that you can modify in angular/services/dialog.service.js.

export class LandingController() {
    	this.DialogService = DialogService;
    	this.confirmMessage = '';

		this.DialogService.alert('This is an alert title', 'You can specify some description text in here.');

		this.DialogService.confirm('This is a confirm title', 'Are you sure you want to do delete this file?').then(() => {
				this.confirmMessage = 'Success callback';
			}, () => {
				this.confirmMessage = 'Cancel callback';


Custom Dialogs

Another useful feature is the ability to easily call custom dialogs using a folder by feature approach.

Let's start by generating a custom dialog:

php artisan ng:dialog login

This will create a login folder in angular/dialogs with a sample controller and template.
You can then open this dialog easily using the following sample code:

(function() {
	"use strict";

	angular.module('app.controllers').controller('LoginController', LoginController);
  function LoginController(DialogService) {

    var vm = this;
    vm.customDialog = customDialog;
		var customDialog = function() {



This example works out of the box.
Elixir, live-reload, DialogService & Artisan generators all work in harmony to achieve this.