Angular tests

ng-describe is available out of the box, for you to write fluent tests for your angular app.

ng-describe makes it very easy to test components, services, inject dependencies and mock ajax calls.
You can browse the tests available for the login or register components.


Angular Generators

for components, directives and services automatically generate the ng-descrive spec file. You would just need to implement the test cases.

    name: 'Test forgot-password component',
    modules: 'app',
    inject: '$http',
    element: '<forgot-password></forgot-password>',
    http: {
        post: {
            '/api/auth/password/email': {
                data: true
    tests: function(deps) {

        it('should request email verification successfully', () => {
            var component = deps.element.isolateScope().vm;

   = '[email protected]';