Folder Structure

Laravel's folder structure is of course untouched. Below, you can get more info about the Angular structure within this Laravel application


Angular's code base is contained inside the /angular/ folder available at the root directory. This is to allow the flexibility of having a folder by feature architecture within the angular app.

Inside the /angular/ folder we have the following folders:

  • pages
  • components
  • services
  • filters
  • config
  • dialogs: for custom dialogs
  • material: contains your generic custom styles


Angular Generators

Checkout the Angular Generators to generate features, directives, etc.. from the comfort of your command line.

Starting point

The main template for Angular is available at resources/views/index.blade.php.

This is where you can change livereload is configured (local only) and the Angular app is bootstrapped (ng-app).

Elixir Tasks

The /tasks folder contains custom gulp tasks that are used in elixir. The following tasks are configured out of the box:

You can add custom elixir tasks in this directory or even modify the existing tasks.