The motivation behind this starter package is to provide a default starting point with best practices in mind, for web apps using Laravel 5.2 & Angular 1.5.
Providing sane defaults for most of the plugins & packages used.

This project does not aim to include as many libraries as possible. For example, there isn't any icon font library installed by default because, even though Google's Material Design Icons sounds like the best fit, some users might be prefer to have Font Awesome.

Why Angular Material?

Angular Material plays nicely with Angular.
This starter package does not include jQuery by default. Only include it if you really need it.

Libraries involved

This repository is a starter package that is built on top of many popular open source frameworks. Those packages have been configured to work in harmony, however you need to familiarize yourself with these libraries in order to be able to work with this starter package.
These are the libraries involved:

What's new in 3.2

Here are the main features available as of v3.2:

  • Out of the box JWT authentication with Satellizer (login & registration)
  • Out of the box reset password functionality
  • Sample JWT authenticated routes for angular
  • Karma tests setup using ngDescribe thanks to kujtimiihoxha
  • Generators now auto-import your modules in the corresponding file! No more manually editing your index.components.js or (can be disabled)
  • ngDescribe tests are automatically generated with components, directives & services (can be disabled)
  • added ng:directive generators for when you are forced to use a directive instead of a component.

For the full list, read version 3.2's Changelog.

If you're looking to upgrade a 3.1 app, make sure to follow the Upgrade guide.


Laravel Angular Material Starter is based on awesome contributors like you.
Contributions include asking questions, opening issues, suggesting new features, pull requests and anything that might help the community.