Password Reset

Forgot Password


Forgot password functionality is provided out of the box.
The /forgot-password route is configured in routes.config.js.
You have a which holds the forgot-password component.

The forgot-password component sends an email with a reset-password link.
You can check the logic behind it in Auth\PasswordResetController.php.


Reset Link

The default link is sent as localhost:8000. You need to add your own env variable to manage the link properly.


Email "from" address

Before using this feature, you need to replace the "from" address in Auth\PasswordResetController.php from [email protected] to your own domain.

Reset Password


Clicking on the reset password link from the email will open the /reset-password/:email/:token route.
The reset-password component will then immediately check the validity of the token, while a material design loader is spinning.

Once it's validated against the database, the reset form above shows up. Submitting the form would successfully reset the password.