Installation steps for Laravel Angular Material Starter

2017 Update

While this starter used to be an excellent starting point for Laravel 5 & Angular 1.x, using Angular 1.x results in large JavaScript bundles which makes mobile experience slow.
Thus it's recommended to upgrade to Angular (2+).

Checkout the new Laravel & Angular package at

Which version should you use: 3.4 or 3.2?

If you're looking to build a Progressive Web App, version 3.4.x is recommended.
However, if you're not planning to build a Progressive Web App, then it's recommended that you stick to version 3.2.x.


Scroll down for beginner friendly installation

composer create-project jadjoubran/laravel5-angular-material-starter --prefer-dist
cd laravel5-angular-material-starter
npm install -g gulp bower
npm install
bower install
#fix database credentials in .env
php artisan migrate


Watching assets

gulp && gulp watch


View website

php artisan serve and browse to localhost:8000

Beginner friendly installation


Make sure you have node >= 4 and npm >= 3 by running node -v and npm -v.

Check if gulp is installed globally on your system by running gulp -v. If it's not installed, run npm install -g gulp.
Check if bower is installed globally on your system by running bower -v. If it's not installed, run npm install -g bower.


Create the project using composer create-project command
composer create-project jadjoubran/laravel5-angular-material-starter --prefer-dist

then cd into the newly created directory

cd laravel5-angular-material-starter

and install local node dependencies and bower packages
npm install
bower install

edit your .env file and fix your database credentials
and then run the migrations
php artisan migrate

and compile the assets and watch for changes
gulp && gulp watch

now you need to open a new terminal tab/window and cd into the same directory in order to serve the application
php artisan serve

Your starter project is now ready on localhost:8000


Vagrant on Windows?

There are known issues if you're planning to use Vagrant on Windows, mainly with npm. These issues might help